Coalition of Franchisee Associations

December 7, 2020

NRN on McTurmoil

McDonald’s tells franchisees to expect new fee charges in 2021


Anonymous said...

How the Grinch stole Christmas.

But notice how the magic call seemingly defanged the situation. Nothing like telling someone, we warned you 3 years ago, in fine print in a 27 page contract, which we knew you wouldnt read... to calm the nerves.

Its the NFLA's fault, cause if you left the NOA pattsies in place, they would of greased the situation better before sticking it too you.

Its the NOAs fault for pointing the blantingly obvious situation to you, when corporation was trying to subtlety post the unsigned notice (reminder) online.

And besides, corporation only has their one pot of money to work with. While they look at operator cashflow as an never ending resource.

Silly Operators, Partnerships are for show.

Anonymous said...

I've said it for years, we are useful idiots. Although, I would disagree with your NOA assessment. The NOA will help provide us guidance and actual unity going forward. If it needs to be a class action lawsuit, so be it. We all sign these documents because we have no other choice if we want to be apart of the system.

And I would say it's not the current NFLA's fault. But previous NFLA members who have been "rewarded" stores for following the company line.

McDonald's uses Operator greed against us. The sooner we realize being an "operator" is not the only way to life, the better.

I've had other operators tell me to just go along with whatever the company wants.... And you'll have a successful career.... That's the mentality we are dealing with. sad.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, wasn't the point(s) being made -

The comment, "its the NFLA's fault - ...." was sarcasm that the NFLA replaced the NOA, which was filled with "patsies" that simply echoed the corporate manta. Every operator knows that to be true. Your correct, sadly even those participants that did (and continue to do) it. While the NFLA is an improvement, overall the system still acts more like a sub-committee - rather than a true partnership. NO SAFE SPACE THERE.

The corporate sentiment on the most recent corporate call was apparent. How dare the NOA have the audacity of pointing out these discrepancies to operators. I'm sure Spero is in pure outrage at Blake's latest message. McDonald's Corporation really, really, really, really hates when someone points their obvious errors so precisely and incisively.

That single message from Blake alone was worth the annual price of admission. And may I add, about time.

Still, isn't it amazing how a simple accounting error. One with a paper audit trail, was so easily misconstrued? Worse, if the operators did pay that technology fee. How is there a $70 MILLION budgetary hole in the McDonald's financials?

What else was going on in the Chicago HQ besides chasing skirts?

Inquiring minds, particularly stockholders what to know!

Somebody may be getting fired! (If not going to jail).

Richard Adams said...

"was sarcasm that the NFLA replaced the NOA, which was filled with "patsies" that simply echoed the corporate manta."

Let's not confuse our non-McDonald's visitors ... the NFLA replaced the NOAB, the previous corporate-approved advisory group.

The NOA will not be replaced.

Anonymous said...

Actually Richard ,you are only partly right. It is correct that the NOA was NOT replaced by the NFLA. But, the entity NFLA replaced was the NLC, not NOAB. NOAB was several years earlier and it was replaced by the NLC (a bunch of rubber stampers)

The NOA is a truly independent, operator driven organization with NO financial ties to the Corporation. As Mark Salebra (NFLA chair) has been quoted as saying, "The NOA is the INDISPENSABLE conscience of the system"

Any owner who is not a NOA member is sleeping with the enemy , and working against their own best interests!

Anonymous said...

As was previously stated:

In light of recent events, any owner who is not a NOA member is deluding themselves. We have tried negotiations for many many years with corp, to no avail. The NOA is the only organization independent enough to successfully represent owners. 1277 owners realize this, DO YOU?


Anonymous said...

Sorry, NLC.. misspelled.

Richard Adams said...

Thanks for the correction.

Anonymous said...

I think the timing and communication of all of this was poor. That said, I believe it's time for us to Re-vote our OPNAD plan.

McDonald's loves using a good quote now and then ie. skate to where the puck is going...

Mike Tyson's quote applies best here -- Everyone has a plan until you get punched in the face.

Thursday was a punch in the face. Time to take another look at the plan to ensure we are getting a reasonable ROI.

Anonymous said...

Due to the technology fee gouging, the Archways cutbacks, and the Happy Meal rebate elimination, it is long past time to quit $1 Any Size Drink. VOTE IT OUT!!

Anonymous said...

The only way to deal with a bully, ultimately, is to bloody their nose.

For those who dont believe this, I echo the words of the Left wing icon, Barack Obama.

"If they bring a knife, we bring a gun"

Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

The true problem is most operators talk a great game in the hall, or online, etc. When it comes to actually saying something doing something, they tuck tale and clam up... the few of us that actually speak up get no operator support and get labeled trouble makers....sheep scared of their own tuff all you want, you know in the end you won't do anything...

Anonymous said...

McDonalds and the IRS will create the worlds largest class of white collar criminals in the world.

Anonymous said...

The NFLA reactions to this will be a litmus test to its necessity, or lack thereof

Anonymous said...

All owners (note I did not say "operators") need to join NOA and NOA needs to step up outside the McUniverse to the wider franchise owner world and learn how to win for themselves.

MCD use to be a special 3 legged stool of shared success, now it's just a trap to become a fool on and ever shorter leg of the stool. McDonalds franchise owners are far from being fools, as their legacy of success proves, Don't let this new crop of financial vampires suck that success out of the restaurants into their pockets.

Follow and support your leaders like Blake that are risking it all and urge them to seek support from other franchisee leaders who have won success when they were in your shoes. Join those groups. I know, you think that McDonalds is special and different, but those days are over for the McFamily. Unless, of course, you MAKE it change back.

Are you afraid of spending a few thousands of dollars a year in membership fees of NOA funds o join a few groups to gain this advantage? OK, spend it one stupid tech and big discounts that MCD marketing people with no operations experience demand of you instead. You'd be better served lighting on fire to light a cigar than doing that.