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December 19, 2020

Congressman on McCapitalism

Rep. Kevin Hern: Capitalism pulled me out of poverty, why can't AOC admit it saved her, too? - Fox News


Anonymous said...

Gotta LOVE Kevin Hern. And he fights for US!

Conversely, AOC is a useless commie twit.

Anonymous said...

"McCongressman" Hern is the best!!!
Please keep this up, Big Mac!

Anonymous said...

AOC doesn't even know what capitalism is. To her it is just slogan to use to promote her own 40 D's. Something to be against.

Anonymous said...


I know this is a stretch - I would LOVE to
see KEVIN tell his story on TUCKER


I never met KEVIN but at the next
in person NOA - I will be looking for
him - my story like his I grew up in
a family that did not have much - but
I worked hard & long as well and achieved
my dream of owning MCD as well

there are 100’s if not 1,000 of operators
over our history that have a similar happening

YES - even AOC made it - everyone
can have and achieve a dream

I will be watching TUCKER
and looking for KEVIN

Anonymous said...

I too grew up in poverty. I got my first job at McD when I was 15. Worked part time all thru high school, and worked 40 hours a week in college to pay for college. Rose thru the ranks from crew, to trainer, to swing manager, to Asst Mgr, to Store Mgr, to Super. I sold my house to get the down payment on my first store. Multiple decades and several stores later it pains me deeply to see how corporate treats owners today as opposed to how Ray, Fred, et al treated (valued) us. I cringe every time I hear Chris or Joe say "McFamily". The respect is gone, the partnership is dead, now its everyman (or woman) for themselves and all that matters is the almighty stock price and their extravagant golden parachutes. SMH