July 10, 2012

Somebody Likes Being on Camera!

Why would the world's largest restaurant chain post their
proprietary recipes on YouTube ?

Next we'll see Coke reveal their contents and KFC
disclose the Eleven Herbs and Spices. 

>>>  The Oak Brook chef tells all


Richard Adams said...

And why would a restaurant encourage people to duplicate their menu at home?

Anonymous said...

This guy is like the Masked Magician without the mask and maybe you don't know what happened to him. Not good. Albeit the recipe specific proportions weren't shown it's a little to close to home for me as this is supposed to be proprietary. I'm certain he was given permission to do it. Perhaps the brainchild of a marketing person as a way to drum up interest in the food. It will never be quite the same. (i.e. no sear or two sided cooking) Buy the way, I'm quite sure every home cook has a Mac sauce gun just lying around on thier countertop.

Anonymous said...

Another thought might be the subliminal value message. If you were to buy all of the ingredients and assemble your "home made" Big Mac, it would cost more than 10 times as much as you would pay at your local McDonalds even it was 15% above national pricing. Then what to do with all of that onion powder?

Richard Adams said...

It's bothersome there are so many people working in Oak Brook that don't understand the business.

The Big Mac Sauce recipe once had the mystic of the Coke formula or KFC's recipes. Everybody knew it was kind of a tongue in cheek marketing ploy,like when McDonald's marketing people say "there's only ONE Ronald McDonald.

Oh well, I guess it's important for McDonald's corporate people to enhance their on-line resume by appearing on YouTube. Far more important than those silly
McDonald's traditions.