October 22, 2012

Analysts Keep Positive Ratings on McDonald's

Analysts keep positive ratings on McDonald's - Businessweek:


Anonymous said...

Jan Field's latest memo is scary it's so vacuous!

"So let’s do it with extended hours for the holidays. McOpCo’s success story about the 2011 holidays is a terrific best practice. It shows that with proper planning and execution, these bonus hours can have a direct impact on the comp. Customers loved having a welcoming and familiar restaurant open over the holidays, and crew members were excited to work because of the festive feeling and the chance to make a little extra cash."


Anonymous said...

In a Manchurian Candidate sort of way.

Anonymous said...

Lets extend our hours while virtually everyone in the Region/ Divison/ National takes the time off. Perhaps they should all work the holidays as well and set a tone that walks the talk for a change.