October 28, 2012

Crain's on the Dollar Menu

Crain's Chicago Business is running an article pointing out the problem with food 
inflation and maintaining the $1.00 price point. At this time the link is for subscribers 
but we'll post one when available. Meanwhile enjoy a couple of quotes from the article:

"The more you focus on value, the more difficult it is to raise prices on premium 
products, " Mr. Spieser says. (Mitch Spieser is an analyst at Buckingham Research)

"Franchisees overwhelmingly support the Dollar Menu, which they helped create", 
says Heather Oldani, McDonald's senior director of U.S. communications.


Anonymous said...

“Although the Plan to Win has worked there is no solid marketing strategy to continue the growth. There is only panic

Anonymous said...

Way too much $1 this and $1 that, free coffee, $1 any size drinks. No wonder cash flow is down!!!!