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April 30, 2024

McDonald's Has Lost Some of its Value Edge - NRN

"Of course, these changes require alignment with the 2,000 or so franchisees in the system, but they have been generating higher cash flows and are therefore able “get more aggressive with value offerings,” Kempczinski said."

Plans to shift to a national value platform this year


Anonymous said...

Translation: "These franchisees are making too much money for doing too little work. We will be forcing discounting on them.We shouldn't be feeling this pain after this report, so by next report the pain will be felt where it should be from our perspective."

Anonymous said...

Join NOA.
Get control of your menu board pricing!

Anonymous said...

and the lemmings at OPNAD and most local coops keep rubber stamping huge discounts, freebies, and give aways. Coming up next-a renewed push to restart money losing 24 hour operations. Bank on it !!!

Anonymous said...

Shockingly I heard last week that OPNAD voted NO on some value plan or another.

Likely BOGO $1

Good on them!