Coalition of Franchisee Associations

April 4, 2024

The Future With Gruesome Newsom

A BK franchisee spills the beans about backroom dealings in California

Who ever heard of American citizens who lobby their government being forced to sign NDAs? We need to know more.


Anonymous said...

We definitely need to know more, and how does SEIU suddenly control and condition access to our own government officials?
How can SEIU force American citizens to forfeit constitutional rights (1st Amendment right to free speech--and political/policy speech is the most protected!) in order to seek redress from government?!

Richard Adams said...

The SEIU will always do what’s unfair, unjust, and borderline illegal. The real question is, who was negotiating for the franchisee community? A bunch of political consultants?

Political consultants and government affairs people will always favor big government. After all, if it weren’t for big government, they wouldn’t have jobs. So when they are “negotiating,” and big government throws them a few breadcrumbs, they will sell out their clients in a heartbeat.

Then, there are the big company franchisors. They wouldn’t see a problem with their franchisees signing NDAs, no matter the issue. The franchisors love NDAs.

Anonymous said...

Answer to poster #1 above - Pro union thug JOE BIDEN. YOU GET WHAT YOU VOTE FOR…

Anonymous said...

To answer your question, Richard, NO ONE was truly negotiating for franchisees. The only franchise owner to publicly identify himself was a MCD owner operator who clearly was beholden to corporate. If he had a gun to his family's head on a rewrite or something, I can understand that but to then come out and denigrate franchisees who objected to the process is beyond the pale. Its insulting to those of us who actually understand what happened and have to foot the bill for it.

Franchisees got sold out so franchisors could duck joint employer in CA, Full Stop. Franchisors were so eager to do it that they gave SEIU more than they even asked for! The union got sectoral bargaining, and all they wanted was joint employer and raises and some goofy council that would have been tied up in constant litigation anyway,