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April 9, 2024

This Year's Legal Eagles

Franchise Times magazine has released its "Legal Issues" issue featuring the top franchise attorneys in the USA. In addition to a comprehensive graphic listing the attorneys, there are numerous articles and comments from these attorneys.

If you start with the main page HERE on the right, you'll find links to the articles. In the middle of the page, there's a link to a PDF copy of the entire section.


Anonymous said...

NOA Attorney Robert Zarco is one of the Legal Eagles.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I saw this on my own, can’t remember where.

Would have sure been nice to see it 9 years ago when the company was on the warpath with no real oversight, I could have used one or more of them.. I know many owner operators who were forced out or boxed out at that time with absolutely no cover at all, nowhere to turn for help- forced into some very bad and probably illegal situations.

That’s a real problem even today. Owner Operators are cut/separated from others, threatened or intimidated and turned back loose into the herd with programmed messaging and a hint of growth opportunities or threats that they’ll lose stores or kids won’t be approved or whatever leverage they’ve found.

It’s happening RIGHT NOW. About six, maybe eight weeks ago someone at MHQ scared the spit out of CK and the gang. They must have gamed out a few quarters in the next year or two and believed that sales would continue to stagnate or drop.

I don’t know about you but I really don’t care. My job is to run outstanding operations with the goal to maintain and ideally grow my bottom line, not to worry about the top line and there is a point at which the company is effectively pushing our employees to the breaking point, all in the name of TC and sales growth.

In an ideal world, sales grows every year due to operations, exactly as Ray and Fred envisioned and communicated regularly however in the 70’s and 80’s the market was not saturated with competition and there were plenty of places to open a new McDonald’s and immediately generate lines out the doors. Those days are gone and there are absolutely NO limits as to what this bunch will do to benefit themselves in today’s environment. Rather than leverage to collective power and enthusiasm that could easily be dug back out, they rule by fear and intimidation to get what they want with as little effort on their side as possible.. They do not care about anyone else- even their own employees. Nothing gets in the way of their ability to fawn to the media about their leadership that has catapulted the company earnings to new highs. Never mind that there isn’t one individual at MHQ who produces anything of value and the funny part is that they know it. That’s their Achilles heel, they know damn good and well that they are not needed so this insecurity manifests into aggressive and threatening behavior.

I wonder what ever happened to Chris’s promise of $1m cash flow/restaurant- I clearly remember this promise about nine years ago. It just kind of vaporized, just like the McTeam concept.

The NOA supplemented and fortified by Zarco and others on this list is all that we’ve got between us and them.

It is a sad day when the biggest threat to my business BY FAR is the company.

Anonymous said...

Its sad that this became a situation where your worst competitor is not another burger brand but the company that you pay service fees and rent to!

Anonymous said...

They treat owners as if they are a problem, [management’s] words have not matched [their] actions in 8 years with the exception of the McTeam concept… at least [they were] honest about that at that time. Nothing has changed, just the words [used]. People are throwaway, to be used, wrung out and tossed aside… the company has no soul, their side is clearly run by fear and intimidation — decisions made behind closed doors rather than collaboration.