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July 17, 2021

Maria Interviews Andy Puzder

 Former CKE CEO on restaurant business and inflation


Anonymous said...

McDonald’s CEO Chris K made his own headlines this week. The headline of the New York Times interview was “our Menu is very Darwinian.” We don’t know what to make of it but we appreciate that you can’t control the press. You can not control what they print. You can control what you say and perhaps more importantly that you have a positive message going into the interview. We couldn’t figure out what the message was other than he thinks his partners have plenty of money. We wonder why he felt that was necessary to share with the New York Times or with anyone for that matter. We wonder why he would question the motives of his franchisees when it comes to our employee compensation. We wonder why he did the interview to begin with. Fortunately the overwhelming headlines of the week covered the real story about all that we are doing for our people. And even if they didn’t, its not the headlines that matter, it’s the truth that matters. The truth is that we are taking unprecedented steps to invest in our people, to support our teams, and ultimately to grow our business. You are going above and beyond during difficult times investing in your people along the way

Richard Adams said...

Why the New New York Times? Besides its huge circulation and online presence, the NYT is the paper of record for liberals.
Why the interview? This is a crucial time for the accidental CEO. The company will release the second quarter and first half of 2021 on July 28. Along with that they'll hold the quarterly conference call with analysts. It's looking like the corporate results will be pretty good. The scam is to make him look like he single-handedly beat the pandemic. It's got to happen this month because the next analyst interaction will be in October and (hopefully) most concerns about the pandemic will be in our rear view mirror. And, the second half of the year is up against stronger USA comps so the numbers may not be as impressive.
He's exaggerating Owner/Operator cash flow because he wants investors and analysts to think you'll have plenty of cash to fund future CAPEX and technologies.

Anonymous said...

Pudzer is everything Chris K should be, but Chris K isn't.

Anonymous said...

How to destroy your company in one easy step: give an interview to the New York Times trashing your "partners".