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July 24, 2021

Is Government Going To Ruin Franchising?

How would you like to run a franchise where organized labor determined your relationship employees, the Federal government was constantly meddling in your labor policies, and because of Joint Employer, your franchisor was forced to be involved in every hiring, discipline, and HR decision? That’s exactly what will happen if the Democrats get control of the Senate next year and retain control of the House. One of the first things they'll do is send the "PRO Act" to the President's desk. And Kamala Harris is sure to sign it. 

This article features the Patel family, Owner/Operators in Louisiana.

Franchise Owners say the PRO Act threatens their American dream - Entrepreneur 

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This article goes into more detail about the PRO Act

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Anonymous said...

Government is trying really hard to ruin franchisng, even at the stae level (look at CA's attempt to pass the FAST act).

It is ironic, because the same people attacking franchising also are adamant that the racial wealth gap needs to be closed. Want to close it? Look at how franchising allowed minorities to become rich at more than twice the pace of independently owned minority businesses. It is a meritocracy. If you are good, you can succeed..