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July 30, 2021

Can You Believe This?

It's a wonderful thing when, as an officer of a public company. one  can fabricate data to make themselves look successful. While all managements do this the latest example is McDonald's Corp's claim they have raised McOpCo hourly pay by 10%.

That may be true (we'll never know) but they also claim that Owner/Operators have only raised hourly wages by 5%. 

This topic comes up in every communication I have with McDonald's Operators so all I have is anecdotal evidence but 5% is nothing! I'd believe that hourly pay in franchised stores is up 20% or more. Twenty percent on $10.00 /hour gets us to $12.00 /hour. McCeo's 5% is $10.50.  Who's hiring at $10.50?

This is part of management's campaign to make McDonald's franchisees look miserly and out of touch with reality. This dovetails with comments made in last week's New York Times about Operator cash flow. More on that over the weekend.

The Chicago office is trying to prove that McCEO knows more about staffing a McDonald's restaurant than people who've been doing so for decades.

McDonald's staffing problems easing - Maze


Anonymous said...

McD is trying to make us look miserly while rolling in new cash. Then they can drop the next BBV2020 or EOTF program on the operators and shame them into complying with another ill conceived, wasteful, and unnecessary reinvestment in THEIR asset on the backs of owners. And higher wages lead to higher prices, which boost top line sales that MCD gets a bigger chunk of. Pure Greed.

Anonymous said...

My average wage is now $14.35 per hour. Much higher than McOpCos multi year phase in plans.

What hypocrites!

Anonymous said...

CEO = Clueless
My starting wage is already $15 with more benefits than McOpCo's

Anonymous said...

If this business was as lucrative and profitable as boy blunder says, WHY DID THEY SELL (almost) ALL THEIR STORES?????????

Anonymous said...

Giving the likes of David Weil more ammo to blast at franchisees. At least Chris K is as clueless as David Weil. They deserve each other. Chris K is too stupid to realize that Weil will force MCD to take on all of the franchisees' cap ex expenses and prevent him form achieving his asset lite business model dream. Idiot.

Anonymous said...

For those of us who pay no attention to the corporate pukes who is David Well?

Anonymous said...

Davis Weil is an egghead from Boston that was Pres Obamas director of Wage and Hour at the US Labor Dept. Pres Biden nominated to take over the same job. He is a huge enemy of franchising. He believes it forces franchisees to steal wages from their employees.

He wrote a whole book about it: The Fissured Workplace.

Anonymous said...

John Motta, a Dunkin franchise owner and Chairman of CFA expounds on David Weil