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July 13, 2021

Owner/Operators Recruiting and Retention Efforts

A rehash of an article that appeared in Monday's Wall Street Journal.

McDonald's franchisees boosting pay, rolling out child and elder care


Anonymous said...

When the system no longer recognizes who it is, and trys to pretend to being something else.

McDonald's is a penny profit business, it sells hamburgers, deink and fries. Most of which has been discounted, and compunded with double discount programs.

It boast the $1 Drink when competition prices are 200-300% HIGHER. Now it expects ADDITIONAL cost, with no expectation PRICING will not be effected.

However, I recommend goi g back 5 years in your pricing, when a BIG MAC was closer to $2.99; then compare where all this new investment and cost has lead pricing. Asking yourself along the way, is this prici g really sustainable?

Can restaurants do EVP, plus the added investments, wages increases.. and keep a $1 drink, GAM / REWARDS discounting, and on the backs of a system designed to sell fast, hat and cheap products?

And hiw can one high a untrained high school kids, the once primary staff of a restaurant, with $15 per hour, plus childcare, etc.

Has the enemy finally found away to bring down the golden arches, from within?

Anonymous said...

Heads up. Loyalty has introduced a way for crew to steal loyalty rewards and effectively steal from us. Don’t believe MCDs claims of minimal impact. This is going to be huge, and the crews are catching on quickly. . Check your cameras You are being robbed

Anonymous said...

Can someone expand on what the MGRS &
crew can do to scam the SYSYEM
after it’s only been 2-3 weeks in effect?

appreciate your answer



Richard Adams said...

Hold on, if there's a problem with the app it's not going to be discussed in this public forum. If there's a problem you guys will have to handle it internally. End of string.