Coalition of Franchisee Associations

July 17, 2021

Also Felony Stupid...

...Are the companies who dumped millions into the scam that is BLM. Some think this marxist extortion racket collected upwards of 90 million $ from corporate execs who desperately want to be woke.

BLM defends Cuban regime - NY Post

As long as we're talking stupid - Joe Biden thinks that the McDonald's franchise agreement is so powerful it can bind the local Burger King operator and their employees. Didn't this guy go to law school?

Check out the last paragraph in this article - MSN.COM

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Anonymous said...

We've heard the left with the slavery nonsense, and with critical race (read Marxism) theory, and intersectionality all of which are anti-American. Please just go and crawl back under your rock. This is a country of free people, quit trying to make decisions for people.