Coalition of Franchisee Associations

July 5, 2023

The NOA Takes on California

"The McDonald's franchisees were more direct. The bill "will annihilate the businesses and livelihoods of franchisees throughout the state of California."

Which brings Robert Zarco into the discussion:

McDonald's franchisees, and their attorney, push back against Joint Employer rules - Restaurant Business


Anonymous said...

'Last week, the union-backed group Fight for $15, which favors the legislation, sent a flyer to California legislators intimating that Zarco favors the legislation. A copy of the flyer was seen by Restaurant Business. It features the headline, “Powerhouse franchisee attorney supports joint liability.”

Do Zarco and the unions want to drive a wedge between franchisor and franchisee for fun and profit (lawsuits)? Maybe, but MCD corporate is doing an excellent t job of doing just that all on its own. Who needs SEIU to creat problems when you have Chris K?!

Anonymous said...

McD is in great jeopardy of being seen as a Joint Employer because of their heavy handed, profiteering, overbearing attempt to control every aspect of the stores operations, and to interfere with the franchisees employer-employee relationships. This puts McD corp in jeopardy with both the FTC and the Unions!. They (McD) are causing the push for joint employer, NOT NOA or Zarco!

Anonymous said...

NOA HAS guts

NFLA is cowardly