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July 27, 2023

Cheap Burgers Boost McDonald's Sales

McDonald's beats sales estimates as cheaper burgers draw consumers


Anonymous said...

The newly defined Guest Experience Measurements (GEM) are being cited as the rationale for why Owners may no longer be considered “Qualified To Buy”. It seems unimaginable that McDonald’s could turn to Owners that are achieving record sales as well as operating revenue for the Company and tell them they are no longer qualified to buy. The Owner/Franchisees and our teams are largely responsible for the success of the brand through the global pandemic.

Anonymous said...

Meaningless, to Pajama Boy and his staff. They honestly believe a monkey could run these restaurants with all the technology.

Until, they actually have to run one and produce profitable results, which they do! It why more than 90% of restaurants are corporate restaurants!

Oh wait, never mind.