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July 3, 2023

A Little More Tariq Hassan

Do you ever notice when advertising people write copy as they talk? Witness this 80-second interview segment with Tariq Hassan. He brilliantly uses every word to make it appear that McDonald's was stuck in the mud - then he came along. He refers to the company's weaknesses "two years ago." Hassan joined the company 22 months ago.


Richard Adams said...

Rewriting McHistory - "Two years ago we were a company with a drive-thru and a counter and today we have multiple channels".

There was no App and there was no delivery two years ago?

Anonymous said...

Every employee of corp has become a self promoting shill, and it’s starting to permeate operators as well. The introduction of workplace by Facebook made it even worse. Whole platform is nothing more than a bunch of attention seekers thinking tik tok style videos translates into sales/gc growth or somehow building a better brand.