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June 29, 2023

Hard at Work on the French Riviera

I admit I'm just a simple man from Sioux Falls but isn't Cannes where the world's elite celebrities go to celebrate themselves?

Apparently, now, it's where McDonald's marketing execs go to promote their careers.

Or maybe Hassan was there on vacation, on his own dime, and he just happened to run into a camera crew from Yahoo Finance?

Video - Eight minutes of corporate blather


Anonymous said...

I'll give him a pass it is a global brand.

I'm more concerned with his ability and skill set for the position he is in, along with his lack of experience in regard to the consumers that visit our restaurants

Richard Adams said...

Tariq celebrates two years with MCD in September.

Anonymous said...

I met and talked with Tariq, was impressed and liked him personally. I cannot speak to his aptitude nor successes but I can say that he’s likable, enthusiastic, seemed to listen to us too, but like most or all of the SLT, he is woefully inexperienced.

That lack of experience and loss of institutional knowledge appears to be an intentional objective as they’ve effectively destroyed their bench/feeder (McOpCo) and are clear with their preference to outside experience. Maybe a balance isn’t a bad thing but they really do need the equivalent of the old guys who drink coffee together in our lobby every morning, solve the world’s problems together and who have been in the area for their whole adult lives. You can hire attitude and aptitude but experience is clearly overlooked and at everyone’s peril.

I spoke to him about the history of a product, why it was replaced 30yrs ago and he had NO idea how we got from A to B- I thought everyone knew.. Experience is invaluable, wisdom born of experience is how we learn, anvoids unforced errors and it’s a definite hole in their system recently extended to future O/O’s too.

I believe that their preference for outside O/O candidates who are not experienced inside the O/O side of McDonald’s and who might be preferred due to factors that are…shall we say, not exactly merit based is very much on purpose. If a new undercapitalized O/O who accepts financing “help” from McDonald’s (undoubtedly with their minimum ROI of 15%) has no idea what a store or stores should CF and have historically done, perhaps the next generation of diverse “entrepreneurs” can be lead wherever the company wants them to go, maybe equity isn’t even a thing in the future- maybe future franchisees don’t own anything?

Just a thought, the whole idea of wiping out experience has got to have a reason behind it. That’s all I can come up with.