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June 17, 2023

The Latest in McDonald's Culture

Bringing back grimace was a great idea. Was this timing deliberate or accidental?

Grimace makes a comeback as LGBTQ icon


Anonymous said...

Political Correctness and Woke run amuck...AGAIN.

When will Chicago (and OPNAD) EVER LEARN?????

Anonymous said...

Forget Grimace.

Richard Adams said...

With all respect to the contributions Ronald has made to the McDonald's system, this is not the time to use a clown for promotional purposes.
If you're too busy to watch the news - the transgender/gay/LBQ&%#* community is often represented by (mostly men, I think) dressed outlandishly and wearing a lot of face makeup, some of it very clownish.
A certain percentage of the population is afraid of clowns. Those of us who have worked a Ronald appearance know there are always a few kids who will watch the show from a distance but want nothing to do with getting close to Ronald.
The people who dress up and parade around in sexual clown costumes will only make this fear of clowns more prevalent, especially among impressionable kids.
So it's a good time to leave Ronald on the shelf and maybe continue to make use of some other McDonaldland characters.

Doubt me?

Anonymous said...

Wow... seriously?!

Tieing nostalgia to drag, when the ever retiring Baby Boomer generation reaches to tie their heritage to their grandkids is far reaching.

Now, Ill agree that the drag loving MCD marketing team may not be the best people to design that campaign. But a well designed campaign of nostalgia is needed for the country.

Anonymous said...

Target shot itself in the foot with PRIDE. McD will follow. IDIOTS