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June 3, 2023

McDonald's "New" Chicago Office

Some boring real estate finance stuff here until the last paragraph. McDonald's Corp is five years into a fifteen-year lease on their offices. While that lease surely has some options on the back end that seems like a very short commitment. I came up in a company that tried to own everything and if we couldn't own it we wanted to assure a 40 or 60-year occupancy (on the restaurants). With all the money spent and fanfare generated by moving to Fulton Market, this seems like a short-timer's attitude.

McDonald's only has ten years left on lease

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Anonymous said...

But they did once own their offices, and they sold it to gain a financial dividend to bolster a needless temp stock bump.

They can oy play that card once but the next real eatate trick lies under the floors of its restaurants.

Which is why rent increases are essential, when they eventually no longer take value in the land they sold.