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June 21, 2023

Are Short-timers Best or Does Experience Count?

McKinsey and McDonald's advertise their employee turnover

HERE's the source article from the UBC School of Business


Anonymous said...

Short timer execs making decisions that benefit and impact their early exits, not owners long term equity. SHAMEFUL!

Anonymous said...

Its not good for the business to rely on short term thinkers!

Richard Adams said...

This encourages new staffers to want to make their mark early in any given position so they will make changes and reorganize things that are already running properly. And they'll make changes that cause an immediate splash instead of working for long-term excellence.

Anonymous said...

Every franchise system that hires a new CEO or CMO is intent on breaking everything that is not theirs, even if it is working. It's always all about them and putting their stamp on something and getting awards, followed by a job with another brand.

There are rare exceptions of great men and women that want to build on what Is working, but you don't see their names as much, unfortunately. They deserve the raises and accolades.

Anonymous said...

"You can accomplish much, if you dont mind who gets the credit" -Ray A Kroc