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July 12, 2023

Franchisee Alignment Wards Off CA AB 1228 Vote

Labor gets stuck in the drive-thru -


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU NOA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We need to stop singling out quick service franchise restaurants and treat every business with the same rules and regulations.

It would help if certain people supposedly on the franchisee side stop saying that joint employer is good for franchisees. Its only good for SEIU and trial lawyers.

Anonymous said...

Over the past few weeks, the NOA has been the victim of multiple misstatements, mistruths and false accusations. I ask that you remember and recite these words “The NOA speaks for itself”. Nobody has been assigned or provided authorization to speak on our behalf; not the media, not an advisor, not McDonald’s …..Nobody.
Here’s the timeline of events. After successfully supporting the Arkansas pro-franchisee legislation which has now become law and demonstrating support for the Arizona pro-franchisee legislation (which is now building support before going to legislature for a vote) and activating our membership to provide comments to the FTC on updates to the Franchise Rule, your NOA has proven to be a very influential advocate for our members. We were specifically requested not to take a position on AB 1228 by California Operators – thus although we made comments on the NLRB Joint Employer Rule, we remained silent on AB1228. We made multiple requests to share with us how we could help and engage, but we were continued to be told to stand down – Take NO position, that is until 2 weeks ago.
After the misrepresentation of our advisor’s comments to the Santa Cruz newspaper and the subsequent unauthorized mistruth shared by the SEIU, and cascaded through the US System, the NOA requested that we be allow to engage to correct the record and we received approval from the California PAC team. Since that time, we have worked closely with their advisors
and lobbyists to craft our messaging. We agreed on a 3 stage approach.
1. Correct the record on the NOA’s position with the California Judiciary Committee and Assembly. 2. Provide a Press Release to share our vehement opposition with the general public in total opposition to the SEIU and media portrayal. 3. Get the SEIU to stop their false narrative and portrayal that the NOA and our advisor support the
I’m excited to share that our plan has worked. The SEIU has removed their webpage with our advisor’s comments, they have stopped circulation of their propaganda brochure and they will no longer make statements that our advisor is in support of this legislation or aligned with the SEIU. The NOA is listed as registered opponent with the State of California on AB1228. Every member has received our statement and our press release is in circulation. Most importantly, owner alignment and unity has resulted in AB 1228 being pulled off the docket for a vote in today’s judiciary meeting. This does not mean the fight is over, but it does grant us all more time to work together to defeat this bill. It will come back and we must
be prepared.
Moving forward, I implore you and every franchisee not to be so quickly persuaded into spreading mistruths and misrepresentation which in turn become actions….we must all have the discipline to garner all the details and the facts before forming an opinion or taking actions. As I stated earlier, the NOA speaks for itself. We will always be transparent and conduct ourselves respectfully. Your NOA has acted collaboratively with full transparency, respect, inclusion and displayed accountable advocacy. Your NOA is living its’ values of McFamily & Integrity.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't and never is any single organization that stops or gets legislation to move. There are multiple franchise industry players working AB 1228 that were able to pause it. Yes, that includes franchisors.

SEIU and those supporting it and the resulting flood of lawsuits that would come if AB 1228 passes and the notion (misguided) that joint employer is good for franchisees were not among them.