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October 15, 2015

Andres Happy With Breakfast Rollout, Says Value Plan Next

Bloomberg Business reports - HERE


Anonymous said...

Andres declared ADB a success after only THREE DAYS !!!

That is extremely foolish, but Wall Street fell for it !

Richard Adams said...

They fell for it in the short term.

Anonymous said...

They said the same thing about McCafe. But when the shine wears off, its the operator that will be left with the higher operating costs and lower cash flow. Modern, progressive and focused on top-line sales.

Anonymous said...

Tell Andres to actually work it in a restaurant. He doesn't have to repeatedly explain that it's only 30% of the menu after asking if they want breakfast or lunch. Supply chain is already having issues with product and since we are basically cooking to order service has been ground down to a halt. Wait till the other show drops with healthcare next year. Instead of taking people away we have to add them. Our grill teams are a bunch of short order cooks but Andres has his finger on the pulse all right.