Coalition of Franchisee Associations

September 12, 2022

Starbucks Now, McDonald's Later

"Let’s say a McDonald’s franchisee has three McDonald’s, they’ll try to unionize one,” and then the next and the next."

Will  Starbucks Style union push hit franchises next? - FranTimes



Anonymous said...

If there ever was a need for the NOA and its Protect Your People (PYP) program, the threat of Unionization makes it imperative! Sixteen bucks a month is a cheap insurance policy compared to what a Union will cost you. Join the NOA!

Anonymous said...

You cant rely on Corp to help you with Unionization drives because they are deathly afraid of joint employer status! And Corp wont allow the NFLA to do it either since Corp funds NFLA.
Also Erlinger is on record saying that McD DOES NOT OPPOSE higher minimum wages!!!!! (with friends like Joe, who needs enemies?)

Richard Adams said...

Yet Joint Employer is the path to full system unionization. You really can't separate the two.

Anonymous said...

Its already occuring.. just cause your not aware of it doesn't mean it doesnt exist. Even the NOA, doesnt talk about current ongoing efforts.

Now with the return on joint employership.. MCD concerted efforts in the daily operations with added inspections, people brand inspections, food safety to add to the mix.

You need to simply accept your new McOpCo Management position and LOVE IT!

Its not Ray's McDonald's any longer... remember.