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September 26, 2022

New Sheriff in Chicago

Some question a democrat talking tough about crime while cities run by democrats have terrible crime problems. Liberals normally don't want the mention of "crime" anywhere near their platforms. 

But this cycle is different. Crime and civil unrest are such a problem that democrats are forced to discuss crime publicly. There's a lot of back tracking going on.

Individuals with future political ambitions are trying to get out ahead of the more progressive wing of the Democratic party by openly discussing the crime problem and the rebuilding of police departments.

Meanwhile, progressives like Loi Lightfoot and AOC want to minimize or ignore the problem. But most of the current crop of progressives will be gone in a few years. For those democrats who aspire to elective office it's time to jump on the "tough on crime" bandwagon and be ready when their opportunity comes around.


Anonymous said...

Careful Richard. For some unknown reason, quite a few operators are big supporters of
Demoncrats, even though voting for the Dems is against the operators own best interests.

Richard Adams said...

I've heard rumors of such Owner/Operators but have never seen one.

Thanks for your concern but I have no need to be "careful". If there are such people, I don't hear from them.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to call a dem a dem when lame brain ideas are presented by MCD corporate or the ad agencies.

Businesspeople should guide the system, not liberal democrats. Call them out.