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September 20, 2022

NYC Police Release Violent Ax Vandal

The national attention being paid to this event may be the beginning of dealing with the big city crime epidemic. Especially the fact that the ax man wasn't detained by the authorities.

McDonald's attacker says he's not unhinged


Anonymous said...

This is not new. I have recently have had customers jump over the front counter attempting to attack a cashier. I have had managers threatened to be beat up or shot by customers. We get numerous vile phone calls too. And it sure doesnt help when the feckless Chris K, boy-CEO, goes on NATIONAL TV to complain about crime in Chicago McD restaurants, which the whole nation translates into "McDonalds Restaurants are not safe". Thanks for the great PR, Howdy Doody.

Anonymous said...

This guy reminds me of a field service manager in the old days who got so upset that the trash cans were overflowing and need to be emptied. But he could also be an opeator upset that he has to do a lobby remodel.

Richard Adams said...

Either way, somebody's doing a lobby remodel.

Anonymous said...

No big whoop. Things like this are just a typical nightly occurrence in Chicago, New York, LA, etc that are run by "progressives"