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September 25, 2022

Chicago, Crime, McDonald's


I doubt McDonald's Owner/Operators spend a lot of time wandering around the public McDonald's website. Me neither. But last week the Chicago Tribune website was peppered with banner ads like the above. Clicking on Learn More takes the visitor to an infographic about McDonald's, Chicago, and Cook County.

Interesting stuff but it's unusual to promote one county out of the entire USA.

Is this a cleanup after the CEO's crime comments or part of a master plan?


Richard Adams said...

There was supposedly a full-page ad in the ChiTrib but it didn't seem to show up on the newspaper's website.

Anonymous said...

Chicago is a SEWER, plain and simple. Perfect place for Chris K and Joe.

Anonymous said...

Chris K needs to Shut Up.
He never learns.
"Open mouth, insert foot!"