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September 29, 2022

MCD Management to NFLA - Pack Sand!

McDonald's Rejects Owners Plea for Delay in Changing Policy


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knew this was going to happen months ago HELL - THEY DON’T EVEN KISS YOU BEFORE ... did not plan on going to VEGAS to listen to these *****. I will go in NOV still write if off & have a lot more fun I have 2 more years to go before I can get out / it will seem like 10 best of luck to all of my partners - we are all rats on a sinking ship No matter how good you are / you are all just a number to CRIS & JOE //// even BLAKE was a number / they are so glad BLAKE is gone from the SYSTEM.

Anonymous said...

How I envy the 1100 Operators who got out in the past 18 months. They left with (relatively) favorable tax and capital gains terms, the restaurant valuations at record highs(falling now), and did not have to contend with PACE or the draconian new Franchise Terms!

Im feeling very stupid as I sit and watch my equity disappear, and the company starting the purge of Operators so that they might mimic the Chic-Fil-A franchise terms.

Anonymous said...

Like six months would have killed McDonalds?
Message= "Operators be damned."

With so much at stake(Owner equity, sec gen, estate planning, taxes, retirements, etc) there was not even enough time for us to consult our tax and financial advisors and alter our own plans.

With "Partners" like McDonalds, Who Needs Enemies?

Anonymous said...

Hey, according to Joe, "owners make too much money, are spoiled babies, and spend all their time on the golf course."

Its Good to be so APPRECIATED

Anonymous said...

This should surprise no one. McD could not care less about us, and the partnership is a cruel joke. I have a friend who is a operator in Europe, and She is well acquainted with Joe Erlinger because of Joes time in Europe. She says Joe is completely anti-operator, and sees us as merely cogs in the wheel, employees if you will. She says Erlingers arrogance has no bounds, and he is willing to stab an owner in the back at the drop of a hat. His (Joes)only goal is to raise fees and rents to enrich himself and the company for his golden parachute once he abandons the system he wrecked, laughing all the way to the bank. She says that is exactly what he did in Europe. (Average rents increased 5% after reassignment to new ownership and ROFRs). She also says that McDonalds greed and arrogance is what led to all the lawsuits against McDonalds in Europe. Ray and Fred would roll over in their graves if they knew how the system they loved was being destroyed!

Anonymous said...

Great comment above.

Are the courts a remedy NFLA?
Do you have the guts and the will to do it?
MCD thinks you dont.

Anonymous said...

Courts are probably not the answer except maybe in California (which has the new franchisee equity protection law that CFA got passed, and just recently strengthened when Gov Newsome-finally good for something- signed an amendment).

The NOA having 100% participation and leading the way is the answer. MCD can't do it to you if its ALL of the operators that own the restaurants. Affecting the stock price is the only thing that frightens management. That starts with having the Wall St analysts knowing that operators have a plan and will. wreak havoc until management is changed.

Otherwise, expect that your restaurant will be sold at the end of your franchise term and MCD will get 100% of the sale price. You won't have a business left to sell and MCD owns the land and building. Read your franchise agreement. The courts will just enforce it as written.

Anonymous said...

The future looks fantastic-

So the plan is to spread a bunch of inexperienced broke multicultural people with zero restaurant experience (forget actual McDonald's experience) throughout the "operator" community lead by webcasted and scripted artificial people who arrive at 9am, leave for an hour for lunch and are walking out of their office at precisely 5pm, unavailable except by email and on their terms- never after 5pm or weekends or anytime near a holiday, recognized or not.

What could possibly go wrong?

Richard Adams said...

There you go again - remembering the days when McDonald's was an operations company.

Anonymous said...

NOA is a farce... stop peddling the waste of dues. No teeth = No bite.

Bend over and take it. Its what this franchise system does best.

Sorry, but the days of having knowledgeable people that understand the business is over. Dont worry about pajama boy, when your fellow operator is greedily sticking the knife in your back.

Milk what you can on the trust bank built by previous generations. It will soon evaporate, like a Joe Biden memory.

Anonymous said...

The poster above must be a McD employee.

Anonymous said...

If McD was not terrified of NOA, why did they force Blake Casper out?? He ran EXCELLENT stores.

.55 cents a day is cheap insurance. Think about it...

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