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August 9, 2014

Five Reasons McDonald's Is Struggling

Opinion - Restaurant Finance Monitor


Anonymous said...

McDonald's has been significantly underperforming the S&P 500 since 2012.
McDonald's has been struggling with growth, menu expansion, labor issues, and most recently a food quality issue in China.
McDonald's announced another round of bad news on Friday, August 8th. They announced a comparable sales decline of 3.2% in the United States and a decline of 7.2% for the Asia Pacific region.
McDonald's has roughly 35,000 locations worldwide. One of McDonald's fundamental issues is that we can't just keep opening up new restaurants. In many huge markets like the United States, there are enough McDonald's restaurants already!
Don Thompsons "leadership" has been inept at best.

Anonymous said...

"July same-store sales at McDonald’s more than 14,000 United States locations decreased 3.2 percent amid continuing broad-based challenges, including operational and service challenges."

Blame the O/O - again
Heard at a co-op meeting from's operations when things go south.
Leadership when things go North(forward)

Anonymous said...

Only in Oak Brook can they claim with a straight face that changing the Mansard roof line can boost sales !


Richard Adams said...

Now that the stores that needed a refresh are done McDonald's Operators are remodeling perfectly good stores. Customers will hardly notice. Of course there's no sales increase, just an increase in Operator debt.

Anonymous said...

Jan Fields and karen King were Fired, when it should have been Don Thompson Fired