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July 8, 2013

Senseless in Chicago

McDonald's Operators have expressed shock and dismay at two of the quotes in the BusinessWeek article.

Chef Dan says:
“When I first joined, it was all about time, speed, profitability,” he says. 
“I thought, Hold on—let’s talk about food."

On McWraps, someone named Kasey Short says:
“We’re willing to take a little longer,” Short says. “When customers know products are made for them, they’re willing to wait little longer.”

That second comment is just delusional - when a customer opens the door, sees a line, and turns around and leaves or when I decline to becomes the 12th car in the drive-thru line it's not because we know that McWraps take a long time to make. It's the totality of the service experience and the complexity of the McDonald's menu is making that experience less and less acceptable.

Decision makers at McDonald's should have spent time in real McDonald's restaurants, working with real crew people, and dealing with real McDonald's customers. Oh, and getting real input from McDonald's Operators.

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Anonymous said...

Chef Dan doesn't like "profitability"?