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June 2, 2019

Oak Brook Is Moving Ahead Without McDonald's

$500 million development on McDonald's Plaza site in Oak Brook gets final approval


Anonymous said...

The only thing management accomplished with the move to Chicago is they are a more convenient target for protesters.

Anonymous said...

Moving to Chicago also insures more employee muggings, which fits right in with Stock Price Steves employee elimination plans

Anonymous said...

Being Downtown is more inconvenient to each and every Operator that serves on any team. It is an Hour and a Half to the most difficult airport in the world. Just so Steve E. can have a feel similar to London.

If they wanted to make it better for the Employees, why not move to a state that has no Income Tax like Texas, Florida or Tennessee. I have spent a couple of days at this Boondoggle and feel it was a waste of money.

Richard Adams said...

They had to move - don't you think they felt diminished every time Easterbrook or Chri K. were driven in their limousines down Kroc Drive or Ronald Lane? They had to erase the history of McDonald's. How else do they make McDonald's "Modern and Progressive".