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June 21, 2019

Here's Your Next Capital Outlay

McDonald’s is testing voice-activated drive-thrus

Orignial story broken by WSJ but behind paywall

McDonald's USA Time-line

2020 - Complete BBV2020

2022 - Begin automation retrofits

2024 - Complete automation retrofits

2026 - Begin BBV2030 remodels


Anonymous said...

My managers already spend too much of their time dealing with technology instead of running the restaurant. Let's use technology to give our managers more time on the floor working on QSC instead of staring at screens.

Anonymous said...

McD technology is the best that 1988 has to offer!!!

Anonymous said...

Whats next? Delivery by drones like Amazon???

Give me technology that WORKS, not what makes Clueless Chris and Stock Price Steve salivate to their PC pals