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June 25, 2019

McSpin At Its Finest

This is amusing. McDonald's media people can pull any number out of their hat and no 
one can prove them right or wrong because they control the information. But, the announcement got huge global headlines and most articles inferred that overall sales at McDonald's are exploding, not just Quarter Pounders. Actually pretty clever (and amusing).

McDonald's Has Sold 40 Million More Quarter-Pound Burgers - QSR mag


Anonymous said...

It's easy to point to an increased comp in any same store sales metric when there are 1000 less McDonalds open than there used to be. If you had 4 McDonalds restaurants in a town last year and only 2 this year, those comps are gonna look incredible and hide your incompetent management .

Anonymous said...

Good timing though, this is McD dodging the ghoster stuff