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June 21, 2019

How Much $$$ Will the McDonald's PAC Give This Democrat?

Kamala Harris joins protesting McDonald's workers


Anonymous said...

Hasn't the McPAC ALREADY given her money when she ran for the US Senate? I'm surprised that a pajama boy didn't bicycle up to the rally to ,give her a check for this campaign. Maybe he took an e-scooter.

Anonymous said...

What is a pajama boy?

Anonymous said...

A pajama boy is a MCD corporate executive that places being politically correct as his (or her!) absolute #1 goal, even above avoiding business losses. The term is based on an Obama admits ration ad campaign featuring a millennial in pajamas sipping a mug of hot chocolate encouraging other young people visiting their parents to re-educate them from the pragmatic life experience of what is correct and what works into virtue signaling failures at life.

MCD honcho Robert Gibbs is an example.