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June 28, 2019

Arby's Not on Fake Meat Bandwagon

     Arby's created a carrot made out of meat


Anonymous said...

Arby's is like the kid on the playground that no one likes because he's eating rocks and calling everyone names

Anonymous said...

Publicity STUNT

Anonymous said...

Arby's is the UNpajamaboy on the playground. I'm lovin' it

Arby's has the meats, which our customers want. The MCD pajama boys have the vegan patties, which our customers don't want but the pajama boys get pats on the back at their lefty clubs.

Anonymous said...

I am done with all the political correctness crap. We are a Family Restaurant. My customer base is the Buckle of the Bible Belt. Not Downtown Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco or NYC.

The more we try to do Social Justice the less we do for our Biggest Customer Base.

Anonymous said...

It cracks me up that you all think a massive global corporation is ran by some leftist anti-capitalists. It's adorable.

Meatless food and veganism are not "social justice" or "political correctness"