Coalition of Franchisee Associations

June 17, 2019

This Says it All

Franchisees navigate a tough environment

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Anonymous said...

Not quite all, Richard. Government has a heavy hand on the scale trying to squash franchise owners. While the LABOR note in the graphics says a lot, other government blundering is having an outsized effect at state and local levels in places like NY, MA, IL, CA, DC, MD etc etc. I'm pile onto to the states the looney empty headed regulators in cities like San Francisco, NYC, Seattle, etc etc and that unthinking hammer use is spreading. Paper cups of any quality thT insulate anywhere near foam cost twice as much as foam. What will we serve iced tea in when we can't use single use plastic cups THAT ARE RECYCLABLES! The people who wield bans don't care that they are recyclable. Facts don't matter. Their personal feelings do. A very poor substitute for policy.

The good news is that the end consumer typically wins in the end. These people are bent on baking Uber and Lyft because the drivers can't be unionized and they alleged
Y put traffic on the roads. Good luck with that. I haven't gotten into a cab in 5 years and never will again. People want their Big Macs, thank God.