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June 14, 2019

Beyond Meat is the Latest Bubble Stock

Beyond Meat is the latest bubble stock — have fun while it lasts - MarketWatch

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Outlets are continuing to focus discussions on McDonald’s response to the alternative meat market, with The Chicago Business Journal writing the newest update: McDonald’s headquarters has accepted a petition with more than 220,000 signatures on the subject. The petition, delivered by food activist and author Kathy Freston, seeks to persuade the fast food giant to put a vegan burger on its menu. McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook has spoken on the subject before, saying that the company is watching the trend with interest. The market for meat substitutes is fast-growing, with a recent study from GlobalData showing that 70 percent of consumers worldwide are lowering or eliminating their meat intake. Barclays also predicts that the market could reach $140 billion in the next ten years. However, the addition of a vegan burger would require “a vast reworking of procedures” across restaurant kitchens and the McDonald’s supply chain, the publication notes. A McDonald’s spokesperson addressed the petition, saying that “As a customer-obsessed, modern, and progressive burger company, we’re committed to offering a variety of menu choices. That often starts by listening to customers to understand changing trends and evolving taste – so any and all feedback is appreciated.”

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