Coalition of Franchisee Associations

June 28, 2019

Big Monday for Minimum Wage

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Anonymous said...

EVERY one a bastion of LIBERALISM.
Blame the Libs and the Dems for the push for SOCIALISM.

ANY operator who votes for or supports a Democrat is going against their own best interests!

Join the NOA

Anonymous said...

I would love to know who left the above comment. Are you actually an operator?

Richard Adams said...

There's little doubt in my mind that comment was sent in by a McDonald's Operator or another self-employed person. What McDonald's Operator would support big government policies or liberal politics?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous- I wrote it. And I have been an Operator for three decades! What about you, pajama boy?

I guarantee you a MCD lackey would never buck Stock Price Steves Politically Correct Shtick!

I suspect you are the TROLL here.

Anonymous said...

Im 100% sure that the commenter above who said, ""I would love to know who left the above comment. Are you actually an operator? "", WOULD love to know the Operators name. That way the corporate troll could tell MCD and they would start the intimidation and retaliation to remove the Operator from the system. Pathetic!

Anonymous said...

How sickening is it to belong to an organization where ones personal opinions would be used to address their business acumen. I would think, even in a environment where a corporation values STOCK PRICE over sound business longevity and growth - that anyone (and I mean ANYONE) making money in todays struggling business environment of fixed prices, rising cost, mega-discounting, and outrageous regulation (still). Would be at risk of anything but gaining a larger market share.

Worse are those gaining share with absolutely no business acumen - and hoping to gain an "edge" by selling out their fellow operators. Or even the pretentious assumption they could sell someone out.. what cowards they must be to live such a life.