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June 2, 2019

In Case You Missed the Q1 McEarnings Call

"McDonald’s is especially thriving with technology and facility investments. The company announced that it had completed 400 updates in Q1, and planned for 2,000 in 2019 with another 2,000 in 2020 as it nears a complete the Experience of the Future update. CFO Kevin Ozan said it’s starting to move the needle.

“We are now seeing an overall net positive contribution to comp sales from our aggressive modernization efforts,” said Ozan during the Q1 earnings call. “This means that the sales lifts from completed projects now exceed the downtime impact.”

Here's the article from Franchise Times


Anonymous said...

In case you forgot...

$2 McCafe is 35-40% food cost. Check yer numbers and vote this outta here.

Where is NOA on this excessive discounting? Let the App do the discount work.

Maybe these drink promotions work in the heartland, but on the Coasts, our labor and rents are modern and progressive.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Kiosks haven't lifted my sales one cent. The only thing Kiosks lifted was my crew payroll expense! And Ive done several MRPs, NO WAY the lost sales have been recouped. That will take YEARS

Protect your Equity
Join the NOA


Anonymous said...

Reasons to join the NOA

Our Vision
The National Owners Association (NOA) is an independent, self-funded advocacy group of “owners-serving-owners” on the most crucial issues - Financial, Franchising and Relationship. Our Vision is to collaborate with other elected operator leadership and McDonald’s to positively impact the System for the benefit of the owners, our employees, customers, the Company and ultimately the shareholders.
Our Mission
Our Mission is to unify owners to “lead together again” and save our culture, while assuring the owners have net cash flow growth, financial viability and are immune from intimidation and retribution.
Our Values
Our Core Values are:
• Honor the 3-Legged Stool
• Be Honest, Transparent & Respectful
• Be United - “You Are Not Alone”
• Embrace McFamily
• Lead With Integrity

Anonymous said...

Commenter #1-

Better question- Where is the NFLA and OPNAD on excessive discounting?! AWOL !

Until more Owners actually become members of the NOA to protect their equity, the corporation will relegate it to an organization they IGNORE (or pay lip service only to)

Anonymous said...

Forget helping the Company. They are doing just fine helping themselves!

Anonymous said...

I am not sure what matrix he (the CFO) is looking at. My recent double digit sales increase came from the Blood, Sweat and Tears of my team fixing the 6 Restaurants we acquired from an Operator who had checked out years ago.

Matter of fact The Elements of 2020 has slowed my growth of these restaurants due to not being able to focus more on improving operations quicker. My original Restaurants are moving along at the normal clip of 3%. We were doing this before the elements of 2020 so, that means I am dying a slow Financial death being short of the 5% needed to support the debt.

In my opinion what is not growing my business: What is growing my business:
D 1-2-3. Keep it Simple (KISS method)
Mobile order and Pay - Average 1 order per day. Drive Thru Speed
Kiosks - usage of less than 18%. Staffing
Delivery - 3 orders per week at the ones that have it. Attention to Ops.
The New Food - Sig Crafted, new look Pies & World LSM
Wide foods. The Team’s Personal touch
Not Having Ronald. Yes, I need my corporate Icon BACK

If these elements were do well we would be getting daily numbers on how great they are. But since we get no numbers they must not be hitting the mark.

Join NOA and MMGA

Anonymous said...

This is the way I wanted it to read, sorry for the mess.

In my opinion what is not growing my business:
D 1-2-3
Mobile order and Pay - Average 1 order per day
Kiosks - usage of less than 18%
Delivery - 3 orders per week at the ones that have it
The New Food - Sig Crafted, new look Pies & World LSM
Wide foods
Not Having Ronald.

What is growing my business:
Keep it Simple (KISS method)
Drive Thru Speed
Attention to Ops.
The Team’s Personal touch
Yes, I need my corporate Icon BACK

Anonymous said...

There are essentially three messages we would like you to help pass on in your communications, meetings and other conversations with fellow Owners:

Owner Advocacy & Stronger Voices are Working:
The initial BBV2020 by all accounts turned out to be an outrage for all involved, as we know
The recent NOA Survey results sent to all of you clearly demonstrate the failings of BBV2020 in dramatic numbers
As a result of the Owner reaction to BBV2020, your newly elected NFLA team has a mandate to make a difference
The BBV2020 Extension process demonstrates the company, for now, understands it needs to meet, negotiate and continue to collaborate with Owners for better results and meaningful changes
The NOA Role with NFLA is proving to be a powerful in the way we can provide support, expertise, advocacy and direct Owner input to them in “just in time” fashion to support their efforts

Everyone Understands “Progress rather than Perfection”
No one in Owner leadership is satisfied at where we are in the BBV2020 extension negotiation, nor do we support the previous approach and the current recalcitrance we see on important issues
We believe negotiating strongly for the current changes is better than the alternatives of not being there to make changes or walking from the table as could be warranted
Rather, we are here for the long term, for the best interests of the Owners and will continue to gain strength in our unity for the longer-term issues we must address.

We Need All McDonald’s Owners to Support NOA and Owner Leadership
NOA has made a major difference over the past year
NOA and NFLA couldn’t be more aligned and work together to be more effective and do not duplicate their efforts.
NOA is delivering strong advocacy power for the NFLA with our numbers, outreach, surveys and growing numbers
Please attend the October 7 & 8 Meeting in Dallas to hear much more and grow the Owners strength to “restore the culture” and continue the momentum.

Anonymous said...

If anyone believes that store equity will be turning around anytime are wrong. I think one of the main people to blame is Kevin Ozan. He has been flying under the radar in terms influence on how the operator community is being treated. But why should he care, he is cashing out his millions and can walk away never assuming an ounce of risk!

Anonymous said...

I am seeing zero lift from my VERY expensive remodel. The only lift is in my debt payments.
The only people who touch the kiosks are my people when they wipe the dust off of them.
Not fingerprints. Dust.
Join NOA and help to stop this madness. I can't afford any more of these cash wafting remodels. A business is supposed to generate profits.