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June 26, 2019

Apparently Dunkin’ Wants to be a Joint Employer

Dunkin’ sues franchisees over employment verification


Anonymous said...

Maybe, but I suspect that they more DONT want to be 7-11 that had ICE raid numerous franchises up and down US Route 95 in Florida rounding up illegals working in the franchises.

Anonymous said...

Possibly, but I've also read that 7-11 (the corporate side) had a play in that as well. to remove unwanted operators from its system. Dunk'n has a storied past of hazing/harassment. Check out the book Dunk'd if you're interested. Or at least, find its FDD and read the lawsuits section.

Anonymous said...

Coming soon to a MCD near you to remove "Old,legacy" operators and weak or underperforming (problem) operators. Bank on it

Richard Adams said...

That's been the agenda from the first day this corporate management team took over.

Anonymous said...

In my discussions with a Field Office VP, she explicitly said this, " our aging operator base is a significant problem which must be addressed"


Anonymous said...

MCD is taking the plays right out of the old Dunkin' playbook written by Steve Horn and Gray, Plant & Mooty

There is a law review article called Beguiling Heresy that reports on a seminar given by Steve Horn to franchisor attorneys on how to extort franchisees to push them out of the system, steal their stores and extract additional financial penalties on top of that.

It involved filing false charges with the IRS and state tax authorities and federal and state labor boards. It also involves blackmailing someone that has a girlfriend on the side that the wife doesn't know about, boats and sports cars on the business ledgers etc. truly despicable. Buckle up O/Os. They will remove the most important O in that name. They already view us as glorified employees and piggy banks, now they will take the piggy bank outright.

Anonymous said...

Its why the push on RFM, Digital menus, and a National pricing strategy is so important. When they control your menu, your prices and now the marketing - they are quickly realizing the reality of why do we have operators.

The Board of Director is quickly forgetting why 90%+ restaurants are run by franchisee's - as corporate couldn't run operationally sound restaurants. Taking control of a menu board and pricing doesn't substitute operations on the ground - where corporate has always FAILED.

Its a vicious cycle that corporations go thru, as most lack strong leadership skills. Skill #1: surround yourself with competent leaders. #2: know when to leave them alone to produce results.

Our leadership today is sinking most competent franchisees in the system - substituting age for experience. This allows them to abolish Rule 2, as they begin to think the boardroom is a fine substitute for operations on the ground.

Question is - will franchisees ever wise up in time? Can the system recover from such a corporate hostile takeover? Just like Corporation had to reach out to the BENCH to get past leadership to return and help restore the brand - will they find themselves in a place to reaching out to those operators they once stepped on to bring the operations back into the brand?