Coalition of Franchisee Associations

June 15, 2019

Detroit's BMOA Struggling to Maintain Their Numbers

Detroit's Black McDonald's Owners Facing A Whopper of a Dilemma


Anonymous said...

This is real reporting. I'm glad it was published. it's not jut Detroit or a certain ethnic group. Corporate McDonald's has pushed a load of crap on all operators. In an apt reference to Detroit -- BBV2020 is the Ford Edsel of our generation.

Anonymous said...

BBV2020- WIN for MCD- LOSS for Operator

FIELD FIRST- WIN for MCD- LOSS for Operator

Operators NOT joining NOA , WIN for MCD- LOSS for Operator


Anonymous said...

the only beef I had with this article is that MCD sold the underperforming ,worst stores to everybody, NOT just black Operators!

Anonymous said...

I am not a black operator but this just my observation and my opinion. Many black franchisees probably 75% operate restaurants in tuff urban environments the costs of operating in these environments is sustainably more than other non-urban areas many of the areas they operate in are price sensitive areas too so they do not have the average check of probably the Co-Op or greater market place. McDonald's needs a diversified franchisee base but they should diversify the franchisees the operators through the market i.e. not having all your restaurants in a costly operating environment. In years past now not as much black operators only owned restaurants in tuff operating environments that has now changed somewhat. Most black operators I have dealt with over the years are very smart business people but are dealt a difficult situation too begin with very little support from McDonald's to acknowledge the higher operating costs on some specific locations. Many black operators have left the system for better opportunities elsewhere.