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May 31, 2019

Pizza Hut works to fix its asset problem

While pizza delivery seems to work it's unknown if delivered burgers and fries will work. 

But, it is interesting that both pizza and hamburger consumers are less and less interested 
in dining in the restaurant. Whatever happened to the idea that every McDonald's could 
be turned into a Starbucks?

Pizza Hut works to fix its asset problem


Anonymous said...

Will this happen to MCD? After all, we are forced to build Taj Mahal dining rooms,yet 75% of our business is drive thru.(delivery %?). Stock Price Steve and Clueless Chris better wake up and smell the Mac sauce!

Anonymous said...

Just my situation of a few restaurants my drive-thru sales are about 70% of my sales and my average check in DT 41% higher than in-store. The majority of people using my lobby are people wanting to use the restroom, refill their soda cup and transient crowds that hang out because they have not much else to do. I remodeled two of my lobbies in 2012 and will need to do them again under EOTF in 2020 along with SAM makes no economic sense to change perfectly good floor tile, ceilings, lighting that is already LED, could just change wallcoverings, table tops etc. have a new fresher look but instead I am going to dump on my end at $250,000 again into the lobbies.

Anonymous said...

To the poster above--- Remodel two lobbies in 2020? $250k way too low. Try $350k MINIMUM.
If you truly want to Stop the Corporate Tyranny, JOIN the NOA. They are fighting for YOU and YOUR EQUITY. $200 bucks is way cheap INSURANCE!


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