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May 1, 2019

The People Who Broke The Burger Machine - Are Now Going to Fix Drive-Thru

   How McDonald's Plans to Reinvent the Drive Thru


Anonymous said...

The article notes the recent acquisition of Dynamic Yield.
My question ; How much will Operators have to pay to access this technology? Does anyone believe, since it is owned by MCD, that it will be free ?(or paid for thru your current service fees?). Its a win win for MCD. We will pay the freight.

Anonymous said...

Yours & My Technology Fees are going up $2,400 a store per year. NOA & NFLA is working on it. But I think the Tech Board will Just rollover. Then we will be stuck.

Quite Frankly, I can not take anymore High Tech Crap. I spend to much time trying to keep things working.
- I have 4 Kiosks and only need 1
- I have table locators that work a Third of the time.
- I have an UberEats I Pad that has been replaced twice.
- I have Dual Point 1.0 that we can serve off unless we hold our mouth Just Right.
- I have Energy Management System that takes a MIT grad to program and the Lights still come on 1 Hour late.

Not one of these Items are so beneficial that we could not do without it.

Sign Down & Disgusted.