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May 29, 2019

Beyond Meat's Stock Could Jump 30%

A deal with McDonald's would be a real windfall for Beyond Meat shareholders. I guess
the decision will depend on how deeply McDonald's executives are invested in BYND.

It's been a busy week for Beyond Meat but as far as I can tell no reporter or analyst has
looked into whether a very high food cost product would actually fit on a QSR menu. All
the coverage is about keeping the wacko vegans happy.

Two great ways to waste the OPNAD budget, first, advertise McDelivery. Next, advertise 
fake meat.

Beyond Meat's stock could jump 30% if it partners with McDonald's, analyst says


Anonymous said...

Richard why are you so sore about Beyond Meat? A business is a business. I like this blog because you share important information, but sometimes you're just too snarky to take seriously.

Anonymous said...

TOTALLY disagree with the above post. Probably a MCD pajama boy trolling the site. (or Don Thompson himself!)

Anonymous said...

To anonymous above- So it was OK for Thompson to get many millions of dollars in his "golden parachute" and turn around and invest it into a competitive product to us?

Anonymous said...

poster #1- Thanks Don !!!!!/

Anonymous said...

I actually agree with the first poster. If Don T wants to invest in a fad business with a product that quite literally tastes like garbage, who cares. We should never sell this product, our customers don’t come to us for that. Customers who buy this product also are not going to Burger King for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Stock Price Steve and Clueless Chris obviously don't remember the MCLEAN DELUXE!

"Those who ignore the past are doomed to REPEAT IT"

Anonymous said...

Non burgers at a restaurant chain made famous for burgers?!?!?! Only the current management team could force us to waste even more money on something like this.

Do they really expect non-meat eaters to suddenly start coming to QSR burger joints instead of farm to table locally sourced, non-meat purveyors?

Richard Adams said...

To the first comment in this string:

I have no problem with Beyond Meat as an individual company I just think the entire fake meat industry is mostly hype and headlines. Many big companies are involved here and they are keeping their PR people spinning full time.

"A business is a business"?

A business that makes a profit is a business.

A business that does not make a profit is a charitable enterprise.

McDonald's franchisees do a lot of things that are charitable contributions to McDonald's shareholders and executives.

And those executives do some really dumb things just to be politically correct (and modern and progressive).

If fake meat products are not profitable they should not be on the menu.

Anonymous said...

Don made way more money off of Beyond Meat than he ever did with MCD. And good for him. Beyond Meat is overvalued, in my opinion, but I do think we need to explore it as a company.

It's my understanding that there are 2 different types of this Protein Meat..... Lab based and Plant based. It seems the lab based protein is beating the plant based in taste due to the different flavor variations... Just google the difference. there are some interesting articles.(the financial times has done some fantastic reporting on it)

But more than the taste and health aspect, there is definitely a movement going on regarding climate change. And the beef industry is in the crosshairs of this climate change.

it could just be a fad. However, there are a large majority of people wanting to fight the climate change aspect. C02 is the highest level it's ever been. (C02 is what's credited for Mars high Temperature) and methane gas is supposedly even more dangerous to the environment than C02.... of which, cattle serve as a large portion of this gas.

In short, I really don't care what we sell. As long as it's profitable, to Richard's point. I love his comment above "a business that makes a profit is a business" otherwise it's speculation or charity. Beyond Meat is speculation at this point, in terms of Market Cap. I think my stores did as much revenue as Beyond Meat did last year...... but if anyone wants to buy my restaurants for a billion dollars, I'm okay with selling.

Richard Adams said...

While I only believe about one percent of what the environmentalists say, you're right that it's a factor here.

The millennial reporters who cover McDonald's have been brainwashed to think that fewer living cattle is better for the environment.

This could drive McDonald's management to rush into this market when there's really no market there.

McDonald's has an opportunity to play this smartly. Today's Wall Street Journal contains an article on how the existing producers of fake meat are having trouble keeping up with the demand. Of course, this demand is artificial because many of the smaller chains are jumping on the bandwagon and this new industry isn't ready to meet the initial surge in demand.

When asked about serving fake meat the McSpin folks can just say, "We are waiting for the industry to scale to where they can supply 14,000 restaurants."

Meanwhile, McDonald's management and Operators can observe the actual sales patterns of the competition before plunging ahead into veganland.

Back to the environment - I grew up in South Dakota so I have an affinity for the American Bison. While there are a lot of cattle hanging around waiting to be harvested it is speculated there were even more Bison in North America 500 years ago.

We'll never know the real number but why didn't the Bison herds cause "climate change"?

Anonymous said...

Good point, Richard. Perhaps the crosshairs are not focused on the right industries. Fossil Fuels would probably be the first step. and frankly, in my opinion, if we want to be an oil independent nation. We should buy up everyone elses oil. then use ours via fracking etc.

Richard Adams said...

Ah, but the wacko left wants to do away with fossil fuels and things such as automobiles and airplanes. I look forward to my first train ride to Hawaii.