January 8, 2018

While McDonald's Goes In The Other Direction

Dunkin' scaling back 10 percent of food, drink menu


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Richard Adams said...

The above article tries to compare the sandwich under test in Dallas/Tulsa to the ill-fated Arch Deluxe. Haven't sampled the test sandwich but over New Years one reporter thought that, just become of the name, McDonald's was bringing back the Arch Deluxe. There is way too much fake news about McDonald's new product tests. Most of it is click-bait.

Anonymous said...

Dunkin is smart, companies always bring in new products and never revaluate their menu or offerings to see what is no longer needed. All that I know though is in the late 80’s & early 90’s in a single lane DT I use to do 100 cars no problem in that same single lane DT’s I now struggle to do 65 cars, this is with all DT optimization etc. So, either over the last 25+ years I have become an operationally worse O/O, or the system has made me operationally worse?

Anonymous said...

Most recent national numbers around BBV2020 are showing that none of this is working particularly well.

Kiosk usage is awful. Solution: hassle customers
App usage s awful, less than 5 transactions/day. Solution: hassle customers
Voice scores are low? Solution: hassle customers.

Yet sales are strengthening. This means that O/O’s are winning despite all of the silliness. But we still get to go to meetings and listen to them bloviate about leveraging blah to maximize blah to gain blah, excellence, blah blah blah, run the play! Yeah team!

Corp has never been so terribly out of touch, so divorced from reality, so focused on crap that doesn’t matter and so infatuated with reports, meeting, talking, protecting their jobs and taking credit for anything and everything that they can dig their grimy fingers in.

Meanwhile, O/O’s who are focusing on what does matter are quietly building sales despite all of the insanity.

Numbers don’t lie and we cannot talk our way into what works. Customers will tell us and we cannot force things although those suits will have us do anything to prop up their numbers. Anything.

Anonymous said...

One thing I can’t stand about our mobile app, a person can stand in line, redeem back to back to back offers with separate transactions.

They’ll get a free sandwich with any purchase, then a heavily discounted fry offer, then top it off with a free drink with any purchase

Anonymous said...

Good post. I'm facing a few oof these issues as well..