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January 24, 2018

Chef Dan's McCareer is Ten Minutes Old

Dan Coudreaut parts ways with McDonald’s


Anonymous said...

Good riddance, let’s see what he came up with, Angus Burgers, Premium wraps, Signature crafted sandwiches, salads that don’t sell, fish mcbites, a dozen sauces on our prep tables, believe he also switched to frozen hotcakes, I can go on, but you get the point what was his contribution to the system and what are we still selling that he came up with. Let the franchisees create the products since we know what customers want don’t need to do a focus group all the core products are what franchisees came up with. McDonald’s has taken that entrepreneurial sprit away from us now if we do anything outside the lines we are a problem operator.

Anonymous said...

Hold on to your hats. MCD is in talks with Kraft Foods (Chris Ks old company) to sell BIG MAC Sauce in grocery stores!!

Anonymous said...

Corporate is forcing all kinds of new equipment, products, Major Remodel Projects,
interior refreshes, with little regard if any regard for cash flow. In addition, all the new
products and promotions – app sales, etc. – are driving some crew and managers to
leave McDonald’s due to the difficulty and stress of the job.