January 12, 2018

Tax Law Changes Discussed By Quick & Associates

Tax law changes discussed by Quick & Associates


Anonymous said...

Great news here for Operators. Repeal of the AMT,21% flat Corp tax rate, pass thru income revisions, and expanded accelerated depreciation !


Anonymous said...

Why arent Easterbrook and Chris K (AKA the pajamaboys)giving bonuses to employees like 129 other big companies have announced ? Left wing pajama boys could never do anything to support Trump!

Richard Adams said...

Don't wait for that to happen...

* McDonald's Corp. doesn't have that many employees (vs. WalMart) to get any real McSpin out it.

* They can't try to force franchisees to give out increased bonuses etc. because that flies in the face of discussions at the NLRB.

*Tax savings will be passed to shareholders which ensures increased bonuses and perks for upper management.

* and the big reason McDonald's management wouldn't do anything that would make it into the news - the liberal progressives running McDonald's aren't going to do anything that might make the Trump administration look good.