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January 22, 2018

The Internet is Flooded With Such Offers and Gimmicks

McDonald's Will Give You A Free Sandwich When You Spend $1 - DWYM

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Anonymous said...

The MCD APP is much worse, you can take your FREE SANDWICH offer... ADD EXTRA MEAT, CHEESE, BACON, GAUC.. and use your APP and it still rings up free. All of it!

So now you get the NATIONAL OFFERS, COOP OFFERS, then daily events like NATIONAL CHEESEBURGER DAY, that give even more away. So why did we need a 1 2 3 DOLLAR Menu? Who knows, but then why did you need to run PICK2 on top of it when it launched?

So you approve a free QPC.. not a free monster burger. Now you've read where a customer used multiple coupons. We seemed multiple coupons, and a family with a single app but multiple SIGNINS.

You say, well stop them. Well, that's a 800-number or VOICE complaint and a new quagmire. It now takes CHICAGO to approve a removal of a complaint from the restaurant. Yep.. wonder why turnover is high?!