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January 9, 2018

Deep Thoughts on Field Consultants

For decades McDonald's operations people progressed from McOpCo store management
to McOpCo supervisor to field consultant. The consultant level acted as a filter to select those who had the qualifications to work with McDonald's franchisees in future positions.

Not everyone with solid store operations experience has the temperament or persuasive 
skills to work with franchisees. A trial run in field service kept the wrong people from moving up the corporate ladder. 

Most importantly, the previous system sorted out the worst consultants - the "control freaks". People who thought they could treat McDonald's Operators like McOpCo store managers.

But today, McDonald's is developing a new culture of control freaks. Not only are control freaks preferred, but they are hired off the street and placed in the highest positions in 
the company.


Anonymous said...

Spot on DA !

Anonymous said...

As a former McOpCo Supervisor, FC, FSM and FS Director and now a Operator for 20 plus years, this could not have been summed up more perfectly.

Anonymous said...

First of they are no longer "field consultants" they are business consultants to help you drive business results in you restaurants. The new BC and all their bosses only look at numbers, 1-800, voice, sales if they all meet the matrix your a good operator if they don't your a brand destroyer and causing problems for their bosses boss, does not matter why one matrix or measurment is low it is your fault and only yours.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why they are looking for new consultants since Easterbrook / Chris K want to outsource the positions to an outside firm to cut costs (just like they did with Food safety)