Coalition of Franchisee Associations

January 25, 2018

Erasing McDonald's History: People Edition

What's the fastest way to change an organization's culture? 

Dilute the culture with entirely new people.

The recent memo from McDonald's Oak Brook's Melissa Kersey lists five people who
have been hired into important positrons in the company. Only one of the five have 
any McDonald's experience.

Who better to reinvent McDonald's than people who know nothing about McDonald's?

And Melissa Kersey, the person making these announcements? She's been with McDonald's
for a little over 90 days. 


Anonymous said...

There are more than plenty people capable of accepting positions of top leadership within McDonald's. The problem?? They all work for franchisee owner operators. They pay much better and they do not have to play politics like they have to do in the corporation. I work with one of the larger operators in xxxxxxxxxxxx and any one of the mid managers or director could easily take a top leadership position in the xxxxxxxx region and be successful.

Anonymous said...

Wow, very interesting ... and she's been there only 90 days? Following McD's lately is like watching a soap opera ... a very bad soap opera.

Anonymous said...

Operator-company relationship has never been worse. Very poor operator morale.
Current marketing plans and Experience of the Future (EOTF) will not deliver the
required +5% sales increases needed to break even for the expensive EOTF
reinvestments. Smaller operators being pressured…Many operators will financially
collapse due to extreme unneeded but mandated reinvestments. Company folks love to
crow about the companies’ $4 billion partnering contribution. But if you compare the
Corporate ($4bn) contribution to the Corporation’s net value, it is miniscule. Conversely,
my individual contribution versus my net value is huge, and a severe financial burden.
New technology initiatives are failing at an alarming rate…And the store technology
spends nearly as much downtime as it does working…Delivery is a money loser

Anonymous said...

I’m spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. The company says 7% increase…The
implied message is it will be an execution issue [if not reached]. Our field service
department is becoming outside contractors with a form to fill out. Operator leadership
is and has been a rubber stamp. I say that because everything is operator driven
according to every opening statement a corporate person leads off with.