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January 14, 2018

Erasing McDonald's History: Real Estate Edition

Time to sell off the Oak Brook properties.

Too much 1971 McLegacy built up there - ChiTrib



Anonymous said...

Does Seattles new soda tax apply to McDonalds?

Anonymous said...

From what have read yes, it would raise a typical post mix 160z drink by .28, good luck to those franchisees selling $1 drinks great move OPNAD one price point across the entire USA thanks OPNAD reps.

Beyond that the tax makes no sense as drinks that contain a certain amount of milk are excluded so a Starbucks high calorie high sugary drink has no tax great job food police.

I imagine more cities will follow it is a great revenue tax for municipalities.

Anonymous said...

It's Seattle- of course Starbucks is exempt... And they're only doing $1 small CSD in the city, not $1 Any Size- probably knew about the tax in advance.